Drum & Drummer

This is my drummer, Will, who's interviewed here saying that living with me was his best drumming experience. I guess it's cause he got to listen to me play drums; I learned him a thing or two I tell ya...

It's out!

In a limited run of 100 numbered copies', you can get the new Incredible Weapons EP from Critical Heights. Running:

Foxglove's Advantage
Holding Light
All Legs & Nobody

Critical High Life


Young Guv

Ben from Fucked Up also leads out an anthemic rock band in his spare time. Reminds me of a sober Replacements. You should look up the first single, Virginia Creeper. It's brilliant. I've never had cause to blog anything sax-related before and I'd imagine it will be a looooong time before I do again...

The new EP is out on iTunes today...

...who knew?!! Some sort of tangible, tactile version will be out soon for your grubby little mitts. Details TBC.  For now you can find it here